About us

Opplain is a brand founded in 2020. Our online platform was born from a passion for the fashion world and the idea of ​​customizing clothing and sneakers of any kind.

We have a single mission: To offer high quality products and services to customize the style of our customers by giving free expression to ideas. Opplain carries on the values ​​of uniqueness and handmade, “handcraft making”, which distinguishes the philosophy of the brand.

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality products on the market and ensure you will be 100% satisfied with your product. We maintain the uniqueness for each creation of the Opplain house. Our diverse team of artists allows us to produce products of any type and genre, depending on the customer’s request.

Opplain and his team of artists create custom sneakers that reflect the taste and personality of the wearer: shoes designed together with the customer, according to their specific needs.


Are you tired of the usual mainstream sneakers? Are you looking for a unique article of its kind? Then let yourself be inspired by our collection of custom shoes or create your own! There is just you, your ideas and a million possibilities.
Do you have your own idea of ​​custom? We give you the opportunity to make it happen by making our skills available. Make your request by filling out the contact form, Opplain personalizes it and it will be delivered to you in the blink of an eye. Create your Sneakers.
Based on our philosophy and dedication to the craft, we are continuously looking for the best products to wear and last over time.

We also offer services aimed at improving your online shopping experience. It will not be you who chooses the product, but the product which chooses you.

For any information contact us by email: info@opplain.com or in the appropriate contact form “here”.